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Derbies – Shoes For Gentlemen

Derbies are definitely one of the most important dress shoes there are. They are classic, timeless and sophisticated. After all, the name derby is derived from the fact that the Royal families designed these shoes for sport adventures aka derbies. The history of a shoe helps you understand its value and the fashion rules associated to it. It helps you make better judgement calls in terms of fashion.

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They have a narrow front and beautiful leather body with sole. But its characteristic feature that differentiates it from other dress shoes is its comfortable open-ended lace flaps. This is done by stitching on an extra patch of leather over the main body of the shoe. In fact the line along the stitching gives it an extra finesse. The best part about this is that men with wide feet can adjust their shoe laces accordingly. Thus these are much more comfortable.

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Originally these shoes were often worn by Royal families when they went hunting or other adventure sport. This is because it adds class along with comfort. So until recently they were categorized as semi-formal or casual-dressy however with the fashion revolution, classic varieties of derbies have now become ultra-high fashion in a work place environment too! Thus, you can carry them off with a button down or button up shirt, with trousers or flannels and even suits. Also, the beauty is that these shoes are versatile. You can pair them up with a pair of chinos and you are good to go for a date!

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Derbies are definitely becoming the “it” shoes with the growing importance on comfort along with style rather than just style. They give your feet room to breathe and be comfortable in. If you must own a pair of semi-formal to formal shoes – you need them!

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