Derbies vs Oxfords

Derbies vs Oxfords

Derbies vs Oxfords

Derby is a pair of shoes (often confused with oxfords) that are open-laced. By open laced I mean that the eyelets for the shoelaces are sewn over the vamp. This is the main difference between a derby and an oxford. Oxfords are closed-laced.

The biggest fashion disaster in derbys is the wide, square-shaped front. That is not a derby guys. It is just not! It is some kind of a hybrid of great classy shoes with some horrible flip-flops and just get rid of them! Your toe-front has to be narrow. That is the classic derby.

Now the best thing about a derby is that people with wide feet or flat feet will find real comfort in them. Oxfords are not so comfortable if you have wide feet and if you really want your feet to breather, try Derbys. This is thanks to the open-laced system. The eyelet flaps open at the bottom as well. Thus your shoe laces can be tied in a way that your foot has space to breathe. It is easier to find the perfect fit in Derbys rather than Oxfords.

Derbies are often characterized with patterns however you may even opt for plain ones. They are considered to be less formal than Oxfords as they aren’t as plain. But Derbies can really rock your suits and blazers as well as an Oxford. They look elegant and have a fancy edge. If you want to add a little fashion to your daily white collar office work, make sure you check out some cool Derbies .

So I hope now you know the difference between derbies vs oxfords.

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Derbies vs Oxfords
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