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7 Tips To Style Your Derbies The Right Way!

Derbies are a style statement! They add personality and elegance to a man’s attire! Here are some tips for you to ensure that you do justice to derbies!

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  • They aren’t fully formal shoes. You can carry them off with chinos and denims just as well as you can with suits. However keep in mind that you wear a button down shirt and go for a smarter look. Also, don’t go too crazy with the color of your chinos. Keep it subtle. There is much more elegance in subtlety.
  • When you pair these up with denims, make sure you wear proper fitted ones. This means that they should not be baggy, distressed or torn. Also, your denims should end around your ankles. Make a cuff to add more style. You cannot wear these with long denims dragging around the street!

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  • Derbies look just beautiful in suede but remember that this is for a casual look. They can even be paired with shorts. Go for shades of tan, dark blues and greys!

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  • Socks are a must in derbies. Just because you are dressed casual does not mean you skip socks. Of course in case of shorts wear no-show socks or sprinkle powder in your shoes before you wear them to avoid the stink.
  • Invest in a good pair! A good pair lasts 10-15 years of REGULAR use. Not even exaggerating! Just remember to regularly change your soles. Good brands provide you with this service for no extra charges as well.

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  • Remember to polish your shoes regularly. Suede should be wiped and kept away from water or water based polish!
  • If you have a very formal pair of black Derbies, just switch your black laces with something colorful like green or yellow matching your shirt. Remember to wear Sandoz under your shirt and keep the buttons open! And voila! You have a casual smart look!

Derbies are with us since ages and will never go out of fashion. They are totally worth it! Try different looks and styles and don’t forget to comment below which style tip was your favourite!



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