The Gentleman’s Outfit for The Date Night!

Men often try hard only to make a woman go out on a date. No! You need to go one step further and ensure that your date is flawless. And for that you need to start with a flawless look! Here I am going to list 3 date outfits based on general gentleman’s wardrobes and hope you find the style for yourself!

I call this look “The classic gentleman” – This look is preferable for men above the age of 23. You cannot charm a lady with your ‘boy-ish’ looks beyond this age and thus you need to dress up like a man!

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For this outfit you need a lighter shade shirt like light blue or lime. Try wearing a shirt with self-print, it looks cooler! Over it, add a sports jacket or a blazer. You may experiment with your jacket but it cannot be multicolour! Make sure it’s a darker shade, probably browns and greys, and don’t forget to add a cool and casual pocket square. Your blazer will add more definition to your body structure making you look more attractive, symmetric and mature!

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Alternatively you can add a sweater over your shirt if it’s freezing out (the blazer will be over your sweater). This look is trending, after all the men lend their coats to their lady, we don’t want such gentlemen freezing themselves!

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Just wear black chinos, do this for me, blindly. As for your footwear, remember belt should match your shoes. Try double monk-straps if you want to go fancy or casual brogues. Your shoes and belt should be in shades of brown or mauve to go well with your jacket!

And remember this as a basic rule for any look – you cannot wear white socks unless you are going for adventure sports or athletics! And as a neat trick, skip socks but make sure your feet and shoes don’t stink.

Do it right! Make me proud!


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