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Invisible Socks – The Perfect Substitute For Going Sockless

Not socks are the invisible socks which gives you all the benefits of wearing a sock, without actually wearing one.Whether you’re an athlete, a sharp dresser, or you simply prefer going sockless, NOT SOCKS is a practical solution to a common problem.

Made from a secret combination of sustainable bamboo and naturally odor absorbing charcoal the two combined emit far infrared rays and negative ions which penetrate the skin and increase circulation and oxygen delivery to cells which is known to increase cellular function and can result in less foot fatigue.

Notsocks are designed to wrap around your shoe insole and not your foot for a real sockless lifestyle. So practically they cover only the essential part of your foot and are invisible to others. They are washable and reusable and will last as long as regular socks depending on your daily activities.

Jual Kaos Invisible Socks

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Going sockless may look good, but it doesn’t always feel good.  You can now feel free and also not worry about the odor, shoe damage, and dampness with these invisible socks : Not Socks.! Goodluck !


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