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Running shoes should primarily be comfortable and sturdy. They should be able to balance your body and provide a strong support to your workout schedule. However, that does not mean you should ignore the fashion! In fact a good pair of shoes makes you want to work out every day!

1. Running shoes are meant to be attractive. But it is important to not go crazy with the colour! It should be attractive but not over the top.

2. Try neon shoes. But make sure it is complimented by black or blue to give a more refined look. Don’t opt for complete neon shoes.

3. The latest in men’s fashion running shoes are the ones with neon sole. By sole I mean the external base of the shoe. Preferably opt for the ones which are of a subtle black or blue shade and have a neon base.

4. In case you already own a pair of running shoes you can try something new with the same! Use funky mismatched shoe laces. They add spunk and are easily available.

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5. Most importantly, keep your shoes clean. Wash them regularly and use tea bags or baking soda or even talcum powder to get rid of the odour.

6. Wash your laces separately. It is important to wear clean shoe laces.

7. Also, it’s best to avoid light colour shoes. They get dirty and the stains cannot be easily washed away. Also regular washing may fade the already light colour.

These are the 7 important fashion tips which can also be considered as quick fashion hacks! Get running and STAY FIT!

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