Socks : Staple Of Any Man’s Wardrobe

Socks : Staple Of Any Man’s Wardrobe

Socks : Staple Of Any Man’s Wardrobe

We all know that socks are a staple of any man’s wardrobe.  Socks are that invisible piece of clothing that are barely visible and hence for the majority of men socks are merely seen as a staple that serves practicality and function.  With this mindset,  socks are cast aside ad an entirely missed opportunity at evoking a keen sense of style. So gentlemen, you ought to think about your socks in a whole new light and give these accessories the attention they deserve.  Socks are undoubtedly an awesome way to add panache to your daily life.  With so many different colours, patterns and shapes, you’ve got a world full of opportunities.

Usually the color of socks matches with the color of shoes, but you can choose colorful ones to grab attention and give a bold look. At work black and brown socks look great but at other times you can always experiment with new colors.

Earlier it was simple : Your pants should match your sock color.  Black pants go with black socks, grey pants with Grey socks and blue socks with blue jeans.  But this mantra is out of fashion now.  It is a good mantra that will probably always apply to traditional or business type Situations but there are plenty of styles waiting for you to try them on.  So get ready to mix things up. That being said, there are some guidelines to keep in mind when matching your socks with your outfit.

Some perfect times to wear your colored socks :

  • When you have on a simple outfit, it can be livened up drastically with bright socks.
  • When you want to go that extra mile with a little color coordination. – complementing your outfit with a matching colored sock is a nice detailed touch.
  • When you drop the shoes and do things in your socks.

So long as you put some thought into what you wear, you can pretty much wear bright socks whenever you like it.  Most importantly, enjoy yourself.  Life is too short to only match your socks with your pants, add a little colour to your life!

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Socks : Staple Of Any Man's Wardrobe
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Socks : Staple Of Any Man's Wardrobe
Although being an almost invisible accessory, socks definitely attract attention and can even make someone's day. Read on to know how socks define you.
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