The Ten Ways To Get Your Mrs. PERFECT!

10 Ways To Get Her All Head Over Heels For You

The ten ways to get your Mrs. PERFECT!

1)There’s no paucity of ‘good guys’ around. If you want to score the perfect score in your dating game, you’ve got to be the irresistible one. If you want her to go all head over heels for you,  you’ve got to do more than being just humorous and flirty

2) Make her believe that your life is perfect.  She needs to see that you are having fun in your life.  The more exciting your life looks to her,  the more she will want to be a part of it.  Never make her feels that your life is all empty without her. That will. Make her feel annoyed.  You want her to look at you and go, ‘wow, whose that whose that guy!’

3) Act mysterious.  Don’t ever let her believe she knows all of you. The more you hide the more she’ll want to know.  Give her a sneak peek into your life every now and then and shut it instantly. It will make it absolutely impossible for her to hold back from you!

4) Be presentable and decent, at ALL TIMES! Even if you are a chilled out person and care about your comfort, you cannot afford to look shabby or dirty! Dressing well doesn’t only mean formals,  it also means casuals. You want to be the guy she looks at and goes weak in the knees every time. So look your best everyday!

5) Be a ladies’ man. Flirt with the girls and be popular amongst them.  The more women she sees lusting after  you, the more she will want you to want her. You will realize it be the strong aura of jealousy and  desire she throws for you.

6) Don’t be just another guy!  You need to be interesting and spontaneous.  Excite her everyday with surprises.  Don’t do the common stuff.  The more exciting you make her life, the more irresistible you become for her.

7) Even once you’ve got her all crazy for you,  Don’t ever stop doing the things you used to do to impress her. Don’t ever let her think that you have changed once you’ve got her.

8) Make her feel like she means the world to you.  Make her smile as often as you can.  Always remember all those little things count a lot.  She doesn’t want a diamond ring, even a rose would melt her in a second.

9) If she’s comfortable with you use touch to your advantage.  Don’t get all naughty at once.  Place your hand on her arm slightly. Hold her hand sometimes. Place it on her back so as to guide her while walking. Be touchy but in a very subtle way that will make her want more of you.

10) Be good in bed.  There is no skill that can match great sex.  Know your moves right and make her go crazy in bed.  And you bet,  she’s going to want you like she’s never wanted anything else in life..

The unstitchd wishes you luck!  Go get her!


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