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3 Things You Must Know About Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the most important accessory for men because not only o they have the power to lift your entire appearance but also protect your eyes from the sun. They are a must have for all and here is the basic guide for sunglasses.

1. Anatomy

The main sunglass body comprises of the frame and the lens. We are all aware of these two terms. However there are other parts of the sunglass body which also should be addressed to better understand the styles.

A frame rim is the area that protects your lens. It is the main body of the frame covering your lens. You find full rimmed, half rimmed and rimless glasses as well. Rim provides strong protection to your lens from breaking.

Bridge is the line that joins both lens frame rims together at the centre and is thus called a bridge. Often you will find an additional upper bridge also known as the upper bar. The main purpose of this bar is style but it provides extra strength for the bridge.

Nose pads are for support but these days you get sunglasses without actual nose pads and just an extended region between the bridge and frame rims in a wavy shape so as to align with your nose shape. Nose pads often leave a pad shape on both sides of the nose and thus people prefer frames without them.

You have the temple which is the bar on both sides to place over your ears and the end of this bar is known as temple tip. Temple tip is thicker than the temple and also softer edged because it rests behind your ears. Joint is the region where your temple attaches itself to the frame rim. The rim, bar, bridge, temple, nose pads and temple tip together form the main frame.

2. Frames

There are three basic frame styles based on the rim. You have the following three types:

  • Full rimmed frames

These are essentially the frames wherein the entire lens is well covered in the rim. The rim completely surrounds the glass and protects it from breakage. You will get a wide variety of full rimmed as well like thick rimmed or the nerdy glasses. These are very hot in fashion and a definite must have for daily wear. They look stylish and also provide strong support.

  • Half rimmed frames

These are the kind of frames wherein the glass is very well protected from the top but the bottom region is rimless or uncovered. Basically the rim covers only half of the glass region thus although the upper region is protected, the glass can break from the bottom if they take a direct hit. These frames look stylish and sophisticated. Also, the upper frame is usually slim. A slim upper rim suits best for this style.

  • Rimless frames

Rimless frames are, as the name suggests, rimless. The glass is exposed to9 breakage and thus you must be very careful with these. They look very classy and are really well suitable for more mature men.

Lens can break even in a full rimmed frame if the hit is strong enough but the rims provide protection from minor falls. Rimless frames look very elegant and are thus as strongly in fashion as nerdy glasses.

3. Lens

There are 6 basic lens shapes that you should consider before you make your final decision. Read our blog about frames suitable for different face shapes for making your final decision!

We have the round lenses which are really back in fashion very strongly and look very elegant. These frames are truly here to stay. You will find a bit extended cat eye version for the round frames and those are all the rage! It is something you must try on for a change. They suit very selective individuals and thus add to the charm and attraction.

The square shaped frames are not exactly square, meaning they do not form a perfect square but most closely resemble a sure of all the geometric shapes there exist. These are great for bikers. They have a masculine appeal and provide good protection.

The rectangular frames are the most common ones that have always been around. Older people prefer this style but you will now find rectangular rimless frames in colorful temples to appeal the younger audience. This is surely trending.

The oval shaped frames are very similar to your round ones but are wider on both sides and narrow from top to bottom. Do not opt for an oval shaped rimless frame. That look is out of fashion.

The tear-drop and wrap around are the last two frame categories. Tear-drops are popularly known as aviators as well. These two styles are for younger men but older men need not shy away from this style. It is cool look and goes great for the biker guys. The wrap around frame also provides a complete protection from sun, breeze and rain.


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