What is an Overcoat?

What is an Overcoat?

What is an Overcoat?

Generally a staple for the winters, the overcoats are long coats meant to be worn as the outermost garment for the purpose of insulation. The design which originated from the need for warmth grew to be  style statement for men, an accessory to look suave come winter.

Overcoats can be identified by their length and fabric. The overcoat is at least knee length, might be longer. And since the primary purpose is protection from cold, the fabric used is heavyweight like wool or tweed or fur. However there are many designers today who have begun using lighter fabrics too for creating overcoats for people belonging to places which are cold but not exactly like Narnia. I mean it’s bad enough not having really cold winters with the snow and everything, why even deny them a chance to flaunt the overcoat and look dapper and nonchalant.

The overcoat can be worn both formally and casually depending on your personal style and choice. And it looks cool in both these situations when worn right.


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What is an Overcoat  - Explained
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