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5 Ways To Identify Your Face Shape In No Time!

identify your face shape

The basic idea about identifying your face shape is that you need to understand the relation between your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and face length.

This will help you identify with a face shape –

1) In case of an oval face structure, the Face Shape is similar to an oval shape so the cheekbones are smooth and not jaunting outwards. The chin is smooth and round. The forehead is bigger than the jawline and most importantly the forehead to chin distance is way more than the distance between the cheekbones (1 and a half times is normal)

2) For a square shape there are no round corners like a round chin or chubby cheeks. It is obviously fairly square shaped.

3) In case of a round face shape, your face length is almost equivalent to its width so the distance between the forehead to chin is similar to the distance between the cheekbones. This Face Shape is fairly chubby usually.

4) Heart shaped face is the one wherein your forehead is big in length and narrows down at the chin. The chin is fairly narrow.

5) The diamond face shape is very similar to the heart shaped with the longer forehead and narrow chin but the difference is with the jawline and the edginess. The diamond shaped face structure has accentuated cheekbones and the perfect jawline to pull off any beard or hairstyle.

If you belong to this category, understand what hairstyles will suit your face structure. Oval face shape is the most common face structure

The oval face structure is versatile and charming. This is the face structure for men that attracts most hairstyles and can possibly pull off any style. Thus this style gives you a lot of options. however despite the versatility, your features will be at best accentuated with the help of hairstyles that further elongate your face structure.

The oval face structure is versatile and charming. This is the face structure for men that attracts most hairstyles and can possibly pull off any style. Thus this style gives you a lot of options. however despite the versatility, your features will be at best accentuated with the help of hairstyles that further elongate your face structure.

So a pompadour or any high top styles will be good for you. You can also opt for a side part or a raised centre based on your hair type. If you have straight or wavy hair then a pompadour or side part are your best bets!

Another cool leverage is that you can try multiple styles and find the one that best suits you because no hairstyle will look like a fashion faux pas with your face structure! This is the bonus that men with oval face shapes enjoy but it is also a common structure so you will need to amp up your style statement with a cooler hairstyle that best brings out your features!

This is a tricky face structure and here are the looks for you

The square shaped face structure is already edgy and so this face structure is a bit difficult to work with. If you have curly hair then that’s great because that brings out the softness in the edgy structure but if you have straight hair then this is going to be difficult for you!

Close fades will help you take the edge off. You can also use styles like layers combined with a side part to make it appear more stylish and modern man of the hour! Another option for you is to keep the hair on your crown closer to the head this way your face will appear rounded. If you go for higher tops then your face will look disproportionate!

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This face structure can also opt for edgy styles like a basic side part and the final look will be unique. In this case you will have to find your style by trying edgy as well as rounder hairstyles because both looks m ay suit you. The goal is to either accentuate the edgy face or soften it with rounder look but it is important that the wide-ness of the face is covered and for this the ideal trick is to keep the sides short. So buzz cut is also something worth giving a shot!

For men with rounder faces, the goal is to make it appear edgy and here is how you can overcome the chubby face!

Men with round face structure obviously have the goal to make their hairstyle more edgy this way you can make your face appear longer and slimmer. So even if you are not a healthy person, a round face structure is the one where the chin and the cheekbones refuse to give you the edges you desire. But trust me, hairstyle can completely alter your face structure!

You should opt for styles that make your face look longer like pompadour, flat top etc. Another neat trick is to opt for beard that is edgy around the chin and also trimmed well along the sides. You may just as well just opt for an anchor beard or a Van dyke. These styles will make your chin and jawline appear edgy and sharp. Combine this with your stylish haircut and you are all set to go!

This is a tricky face structure for men especially if you love trying new styles. There is limitation to the kind of hairstyles that suit your face structure and here is a guide for you!

The heart shaped face structure is the one with a fairly narrow or even pointy chin and a wider forehead. This is a beautiful face cut for men especially if you are a beard lover because almost all beard styles will not only suit your face but also make you appear very charismatic and appealing.

When it comes to hairstyles however, one needs to balance the wider forehead to the narrow chin with a more flowy and effortless hairstyle. The best suggestion for men with a heart shaped face structure is to opt for hairstyles which are very easy going and smooth like a side sweep or a back sweep. Especially for men with wavy or straight hair, it is a very good look for you guys to go for a side or back swept style.

The idealistic and irresistible face structure which is rare and just absolutely a piece of art: diamond shape. What are the hairstyles that will appeal to your face type?

Guys with diamond shaped face structure are blessed with the most perfect jaw line. This is what makes your stubble look, clean shaven look or short beard styles appear so much more charming. Your face cut is you’re a-game and when it comes to hairstyles as well, you need to learn the trick to ensure your hairstyles are compatible with your beard game!

Your bone structure is your plus point so this is what we need to accentuate more. If you have longer hair length you can easily put them in a ponytail or just tuck them behind your ears thus providing full access to admire your facial bone structure.

Another good tip is to opt for softer styles which basically refers to styles that can be created or perfected with your fingers itself. The softer look will compliment your hard hitting bone structure and set the perfect look for a romantic and mature yet sexy and irresistible look!


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