10 Accessories Every Man Must Have

10 Accessories Every Man must have

A man’s style is judged as much on his choice of accessories as the actual clothes in his back.  Pick your accessories correctly and you’ll add tones of weight to your style game.

Accessories is a word that is not only related to the women,  it’s more important for the men too.  Accessories do magic in making, the otherwise dull and simple,  outfit more stylish and elegant.  The more classy accessories you add to your attire, the more respectable you look. People will get more attracted to a man (rather,  a gentleman)  with a classy tie,  an elegant time piece and a decent belt. There a many many many accessories that men need to have.

Theunstitchd lists the top 10 Accessories below :

1) Watch 

This is the only hand accessory which men can invest in and it really helps in making it an exceptional timepiece. The watch is the one thing that people notice, consciously or unconsciously, but it does definitely gets noticed.

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2) Tie 

The greater the number of ties, the better. Men must have as many ties as they can get, in the wardrobe, as long as each one of them suits them. If not many, just the ones that go well with everything would do it.

Always Compliment your tie with a  – Tie Bar

3) Wallet 

Men can never forget the buddy, it holds all your documents and money so it’s better to own a good wallet and make sure it’s kept neat and tidy with only the essential stuff stored in it and the extras trimmed off.

4) Bags 

The only accessory that holds the enough stuff needed, without worrying about carrying a lot in hand. So whether it’s your presentation day in office, or you’ve got to go to a bachelor party to an outstation, a bag will always be your best companion.

5) Socks 

Yes, the most important thing again, which gets noticed unconsciously, but plays a very important role in the attire. Just make sure the socks match up with your shoes and aren’t too showy.

casual shoes with socks

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Do you have these –

The Invisible Socks – Not Socks

6) Scarf 

Invest in a high quality, good looking scarf during winter to keep you warm as well as look stylish. It’s not for women, it looks better on men!

7) Belt 

A high quality leather belt can last you for a pretty long time.

8) Hat / Caps

No they are not showy at all. Find a appreciably hat matching your outfit and simply flaunt your hattitude.!

9) Sunglasses 

With the beard done well and a good hairstyle, a classy or sporty sunglasses, would really make the sun bow for you!

10) Deodorant

The only thing that can make girls go all gaga over,  provided you do it right. Don’t wear a very strong smell, or a very light one, it must just be the perfect one and you are all set!

So make sure you’ve armed yourself with all or most of the accessories before that meeting or date or party,  and done up like that we guarantee, the pretty girl will for for thee! Goodluck!

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