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Indian Accessories Not To Miss

We often consider the top and bottom wear as the entire outfit of men. But an outfit is incomplete without the fashion heroes. I am going to brief you today about the usually ignored minute details that would set you apart from the rest of the crowd! However, let me first make it clear that these tips are for traditional or semi-traditional Indian Accessories looks only.

  1. Pocket squares

These are a very minute detail of elegance and class that have been lost somewhere in fashion. I need your support to help pocket squares gain ground again. They are not just handkerchiefs, they are style statements. Add a pocket square to your outfit to break the monogamy of your suit or jacket! It is a symbol of elegant fashion. Try different styles of folding a pocket square to add uniqueness to your outfit.

  1. Cufflinks

Cuff-links are often considered as an accessory to be worn with your suit on your Big Promotion day at work. Absolutely not! Cuff-links add character to a man’s shirt. They add personality. He is not your everyday guy if he has that bling around his wrists! There are a variety of designs for cuff-links. Choose the one that matches your attire.

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  1. Mojaris

Mojaris are the traditional footwear that completes a traditional look. However, men usually just buy a neutral cream or maroon mojari and pair it up with every kurta. Do not ever do that. Even if your outfit is white, get your mojari stitched from excess fabric. Your tailor will not only make the perfectly sized mojari for you, but also make sure that your footwear is a complementary addition to your attire and not a compulsion!

4. Socks

The socks you wear with semi-formal or formal outfit, along with your formal shoes, has to be elegant. You cannot afford to wear stained socks with immature print like ducks or birds (just a hyperbole!). White socks are not considered formal. Also make sure your socks fit you right. Don’t wear old and lose socks. Your socks should match your trousers. Also the perfect length for your sock is a little below knees. This is the ideal size of sock for men we refer to as Gentlemen.

5. Shoes

Often traditional outfit is paired up with formal shoes. This adds a sense of elegance to the look and also masculinity. However some things should be kept in mind whilst choosing the right shoe. Leather loafers, Monk shoes or oxford shoes would do the job based on your choice, comfort and attire. Make sure you invest in good quality shoes.

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6. Brooches

There is nothing more royal than an exquisite brooch to go with your traditional outfit. Brooches can be either wedding brooches or fashion brooches. Wedding brooches are heavier and usually in gold while fashion brooches are simple yet elegant! Elaborate Paisley and Kalgibrroches are back in fashion. Also, there is this new wedding fashion of wearing elongated brooch with two pins that would spread across your kurta or jacket. Such brooches are extended by adding pearly string that could be hooked on to the other end.

7. Hats

Hats are a major part of Indian weddings. From Topor to Safa, several varieties of hats are worn by grooms. However, apart from these, there are certain hats that compliment your Elegant Indian outfit. Taqiya, for instance, is a rounded cap and is usually custom-made to match the outfit. Pagdi or Pagri are found in a wide variety of cultures across the country and worn in different styles. The Pagri is an essential element in almost all Indian weddings. All men in the family wear a pagdi.

8. Watch

Watch is a symbol is elegance and masculinity. Your watch should be simple and subtle. Remember there is great class in simplicity! My hint would be to always own a good quality black belt watch with a black dial for all dark shades of Indian outfits.

9. Wallets

You cannot ignore the importance of a good quality wallet. Leather wallets are a symbol of prosperity. Remember to carry a simple but stylish wallet, preferably with self-print or no print at all. Don’t go all crazy on your wallet. That will remain in your pocket!

10. Sarpech

Sarpech is essentially for the grooms to be a King for their queens on the big day. It a crown for your turban made out of precious stones. Sarpech is another one of Indian Accessories that can either be ekkalangi or teen kalangi depending upon the number of heads. However ekkalangi is the usually preferred option as it is light and elegant. The gems on your sarpech should correspond to your outfit and bring out the entire color scheme and look of your attire.


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