Shopping Online Made Simple With This Online Shopping Guide

Online Shopping Guide – Shop Online With These Simple Tips

Online shopping is fast, easy, convenient and just really cost effective. You save travelling expense even if you buy the product at full price and not to forget the amount of time saved! Online shopping also offers much more variety than malls. The best part is, you find products in all the price range possible. But it can get really messy if it’s not the right size or the right fit.

1. Okay guys, it is important to start with setting a budget. The right budget will help you limit your desires to fit in your pocket. But remember you can always things that you like to your bag. It is only when you are checking out that you need to reconsider as per your budget. and there is always the option of creating a wishlist on every online shopping portal.

2. Look out for coupons and discount codes! I have noticed men just add an item to bag and check out. There are several combo offers like shop for 1299 and get extra discount of Rs. 300 etc. Also, the items in your wishlist may not necessarily reflect the discount. Search the same item again and check for discounts. This is a glitch I hope the websites work out soon. Also remember, home pages of every website has the best deals it offers.

3. Over the years you do develop a basic idea as to what type of products suit you and what you are comfortable in. Remember that the models have a different body structure, complexion and those beautiful lights and photographers. Remember to be realistic when you buy for yourself.

4. Remember to check the sizes of the product. Check out multiple sites for the same product and size charts if you aren’t sure. But make sure you do know your sizes very well. Also check the prices on other sites and buy the one with best discount.

5. Avoid buying blazers and jackets online unless you are well versed with the brand and know your exact size. In fact do yourself a favour and check out the store if possible, size yourself and then buy it online. You will get your size but at a much lower price.

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6. Shopping online for colognes, frames etc.? Make sure you go through my individual articles with specific instructions for the same before you make your decision. As for clothes, match the product sizes you wish to buy with the ones you already own. It takes some time to get the hang of it all. Sometimes you may order the wrong size. But return policies are easy. Buy only from trusted websites with easy return policies.

7. Start off with a pair of shoes. Finding your size is not really hard and you can get a really good deal online! Or start off with some frames? (P.S. Read my article first). Maybe a wallet! These products are comparatively easy to buy. Sale season is here guys. It is here all around the year in India thanks to our multiple festive occasions! Take advantage of it! Online shopping websites offer you the products which you may or may not find around and help you make a statement!

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Leave a comment below in case you want specific instructions for shopping online for any product in particular! Don’t forget to share this Online shopping Guide with your friends/family that never shop online and even ones that do but find it really taxing!


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