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The Fashionable Monks!

Ok guys let’s get a bit more into the world of shoes. Most of you might be aware of the latest trend in men’s shoes which is the Monk Shoe. They are characterized by a buckled flap rather than laces. The flap is known as the Monk strap.

Monk straps are a pair of shoes that fall right between your formal oxfords and your casual leather loafers. They are a fashion statement! On this note I would like to give a quick tip, try more shades of brown for this shoe. The brown family of Monk shoes is not only trending but also adds more jizzaz to your look! Save black for your formal shoes.

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Now Monks come in two basic varieties which are the single and double strapped. If you have wide feet or need more room, I highly recommend two-strapped monk shoes. Otherwise you can pick either and they look just gorgeous.

Monk shoes go well with your chinos and denims. They add a classy suave look without making it formal. They add elegance to your look. In fact they can even be paired with your suit but I personally believe that you should save your oxfords or derbies for your suits.

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If you are looking to add elegance to your look without making it conservative or formal, these shoes are for you. Look highly fashionable and classy in gorgeous monk straps and grab the limelight!

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