7 Must Have Chinos And Shirt Colors For 7 Different Looks This Season

7 Must Have Chinos And Shirt Colors For 7 Different Looks This Season

Chinos are a staple for most men. If you are not among those you agree with my statement, you my friend have been living under a rock and seriously need to come out of your fashion hibernation.

So what will you need for creating 7 different looks? Nothing much, a pair of chinos in navy Blue, Green, Tan, White and Grey along with a White and a Blue shirt. For those who do not wish to experiment much can skip the green chinos. Just because they are not as versatile as compared to the others.

Each look is carefully put together keeping in mind the trends of the season along with the versatility factor of each individual apparel. I have picked button down shirts because apart from being classy they are super easy to dress up or down when you want to go from formal to casual.

Here begins 7 Must Have Chinos And Shirt Colors For 7 Different Looks This Season

Look 1

The Navy Chinos: Blue is a very serene color. It is pleasing to the eye and esy to pair up to create an outfit for any occasion.

Combine the navy blue chinos with a White button down shirt. White is one color, very unfortunate and unlucky few have made an error with. The combination of white and blue is a classic and works well with dark, fair and wheatish complexions.

Look 2

Team up the navy Blue Chinos with a Blue shirt. Blue on blue works only when different shades of blue are paired together otherwise it looks really bad. Plus the monochrome look is in this season. Since your chinos are navy blue, pick your shirt in a lighter shade.

Look 3

The Green Chinos: Green is a casual color. Reserve these pair of chinos for relaxed setting and informal occasions.

Pair it up with a White button down shirt. You will look cool and different, since very few men experiment with green for bottom wear.

Look 4

The Tan Chinos: Tan is a much understated color. I think it comes across as sophisticated and chic.

Combine the Tan Chinos with White button down shirt. This is a vintage look.

Look 5

Now, let’s shake things up a bit. Substitute the white button down for a shirt in a shade of Blue, preferably a vibrant and deeper shade of blue. Everyone knows Tan and Blue get on like a house on fire.

Look 6

The White Chinos: Only a stylish gent can pull off the white pants. So if you got the swag then by all means peacock it. Pair it up with a blue shirt in its Indigo or Persian tint.

Look 7

The Grey Chinos: The multipurpose grey, which changes looks like a chameleon based on its setting, rocks in a relaxed look, a formal put together look and even a ruffled, athletic or movie night look. Add a Navy shirt to the mix and you have an attractive outfit to make today a memorable day.

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