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The Brogue-Ish Dictionary – Quarter Brogues

Quarter brogues are the dressiest of the brogue family tree!You need to understand how these work to do justice to them. Remember every category of brogues has its own individual identity and if you want to do it right, follow all rules!

The history of brogues goes back to the soldiers that travelled far off land to conquer and discover new regions. Perforations on the brogues were originally punched to make sure that water does not stay in and can easily flow out for the soldiers that travelled by sea. Also, the leather is really sturdy and make is very strong and durable.

Okay so the basic Brogue-Rule is that more the number of perforations on the shoe, more casual it is. Quarter Brogues are the ones with minimum perforations. Usually there is one simple line of perforations on the vamp which differentiates this from the other brogues. These can be easily worn with suits as well. In fact they give you the perfect CEO look!

Quarter brogues look great in both black and brown. But I think it is idealistic to have a pair of black oxfords and brown brogues – just as a fashion rule. You cannot wear these with denims it is just unfair for the shoes. They look best with suits and button down shirts with flannels or trousers. People have starting pairing them with chinos. But I think semi or full brogues are a much better alternative with chinos rather than quarter brogues.

It is definitely a must to wear socks in these as it is the refined and sophisticated look perfect for work environment. I do believe that tie pins, pocket squares and cuff-links add more spark to your complete look. The leather is such that it is not easily damaged and you will not have water stains on these but it is best to regularly polish your shoes with good quality polish. Shinier is better. Also invest a good amount as these last forever (read 10-12 years at least :P). You might have to change the sole that’s all. And if you buy a good quality one, your brand will regularly change the soles for you.

Brogues are all about style and class. Look tall and feel confident. That is the most important style tip! Tag us with your brogue-look with #TheUnstitchd


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