5 Must Have Shoes In A Man’s Closet!

5 Must Have Shoes in a Man's Closet

I know there are a variety of shoes for men and shoes really speak a lot about a man. However there are some shoes that every man MUST OWN! Depending on your lifestyle and personality your ‘must haves’ might differ to some extent but these 5 pairs you should totally have! So let me break it down for you guys!

1. Dress shoes – Dress shoes are your formal shoes that every man must have. According to me you must have a pair in black and one in brown but depending on the clothes in your wardrobe feel free to make that decision. However, a black dress shoe is a must have. You can wear them with suits, chinos, jeans and it stands out. Now your dress shoes can be buckled or oxford. Some men prefer slip-ins for the sake of comfort and convenience. But I believe both look equally suave.

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2. Boots – Boots are hot! They add edginess to your personality. The length of your boots is your personal choice but please, own a pair of boots! I think boots for men should ideally be in brown as brown boots go just great with your denims. And the best thing about boots is that they come with a small heel. So especially for guys who are conscious about their height, this is totally a must have!

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5 Must Have Shoes for Men- Boots

3. Loafers – Leather Loafers are a must have shoe for dates and parties. They look great and take the edge off which is really important for informal gatherings! Your leather loafers or leather tie-in shoes work great for this. Both are semi-formal, still looking dressed up but not over the top!

4. Sneakers – We all know that a shoe collection is incomplete without a pair of Sneaker. Please keep one at all times because your Sneakers will help you in situations where you just don’t know what to wear! Own a really good pair of fancy Sneaker. At least one!

5. Flip Flops – Flip-flops are the basic go-to footwear guys. Do I even need to tell you how important it is to own one? Feeling lazy? Taking your dog for a walk? Going to college? Going to the gym? Just wear some cool flip-flops. Try different colors but don’t get too loud with them. They are just basic casual footwear!

Let me know if I have missed out on any of your must-haves and also your favorite brands for the same!

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