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Driving Shoes To Drive Your Crush Crazy For You!

Driving is an essential part of our life now. Almost each one of us owns or will own a vehicle and so we must consider the functionality of our shoes as well. We should remember that comfort is very important along with style. Only when both go hand in hand will we pull it off! Regular dress shoe, boots, canvas shoes or sneakers are not the most comfortable option for driving. Especially if you have bigger feet or smaller; the peddle just feels uncomfortable! Keeping this in mind a new variety of shoes boomed into the market – driving shoes!

Driving shoes carry the look of your penny, horse-bit and tassel loafers except the fact that their base is rubber. This distinguishes driving shoes from regular loafer. Apart from that the fit and feel is exactly like that of loafers.

Driving shoes are comfortable and usually slip-ons. This makes them even more convenient. The make is such that the base of the shoe is rubber and the body is leather. Thus these shoes were meant for the elite as not everyone can afford leather shoes for driving only. However, later suede body shoes with rubber sole which are affordable. I personally believe that the suede look more refined as compared to leather because of the combination with the rubber sole. Also suede comes in various bright and beautiful colors and patterns. They are also more comfortable than leather.

These shoes are casual because of the rubber sole. Thus, you can go a bit crazy with the color and also opt for different patterns. The more unique your shoes, trendier you look. These shoes are really catching up because oxfords, loafers etc. are not really car friendly. Also, these are affordable and go very well with a casual look.

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