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3 Ways Men Can Style Their Denims With Dress Shoes

How To Pair Denims With Dress Shoes

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Denims with dress shoes or even dress boots are a fun fashion statement with a hint of sophistication – A deadly combination! This is a comfortable trend and really catching up as the hot new fashion in me’s footwear.

The important thing to remember is that this is a casual look but not something you can wear to buy groceries. Well you can but then what’s the point? So you can very well carry this off for a date, a lunch or breakfast plan with friends, clubbing, for a match screening etc. Consider this as a dressed up casual look.

As for the colors, you can try dark shades like mauve, brown, shades of tan or blue. You can go for black as well and for a lighter shade, opt for lighter tan. Do not go too crazy with these. They are dress shoes after all.

This is more of a look than just footwear advice. Thus I will help you out with some important styling tips!

1. Denims

Denims With Dress Shoes should be a darker shade and proper fitted. Try a regular fit if you are a bit on heavier side and slim fit for the slim guys. Your denims should be in shades of dark blue ideally. This goes best with a tanned dress shoe or even mauve. An important tip is to cuff your denims neatly. That will add extra oomph and draw the attention to your shoes.

2. Shirt

Ideally you should pair your denims and dress shoes with a nice shirt. You can wear Sandoz inside or just a nice buttoned up shirt with collars. Cuff your sleeves properly and this will give you an edge! You can go for khakee or even blacks and greys. In case of shirts, a lighter color will also do well! You can try on a denim shirt as well.

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3. T-shirt

Some people prefer the t-shirt look along with Denims With Dress Shoes which is my second preference after the shirt. Well in this case just a t-shirt is fine for something casual but if it’s a date or a proper event wear a sports jacket over. If it’s a hot day just put on a denim with shirt over it. But if you wish to try something different put on a blazer. That completes the look for you and compliments the dress shoe.

Don’t forget to tag us with your dress shoe and denim look #TheUnstitchd. Also comment below whether you would prefer shirt or a t-shirt. Share this page with your girlfriends to see what the popular opinion is! I would put my money on shirts!

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