Subtle Yet Classy Loafer Styles For Men

loafers for men in india

Loafers are basically a man’s comfort zone. His friend-zone footwear, if you may! This is obviously because of the versatility and the level of comfort they offer. Loafers were lost in fashion a few years back but are now back in action and how! They have taken the fashion world with a spur! Women crave over the loafer-look. And let’s all agree, they look so cool!

Loafers Are Back In Action!

They are also referred to as slip-ons because obviously you just have to slip your feet in. No shoe laces, no hassles! This makes it the quickest and most convenient pair of shoe and we all know how stressful laces can be!

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Loafer can be suede, leather, canvas and basically are found in a huge giant variety on account of its growing popularity. Men replace their oxfords or brogues with loafers and also casual boat shoes or sneakers! They are that popular and versatile. But the important thing to keep in mind is that when you pick a loafer for formal wear the sole should be slim and they should be leather ONLY! For a more casual look you can opt for any pair of loaders really. In fact even leather.

Although loafers go well with your chinos, denims, shorts, trousers and just any kind of bottom-wear you can think of, it does go best with a pair of chinos. This is because chinos are also as versatile as loafers. They share that aspect and bond over it to give you the most perfect look for the day or evening!

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As for loafer shoes with or without socks, this is an easy one. A formal set up will go with socks and you can just get rid of the socks in a more casual environment. They look cool either way but this is just to maintain the fashion protocol! Also, remember that your formal loafers should be black or brown while casual has full freedom but don’t go too crazy – these look best in dark solid shades with a hint of color to add spark – just a  hint, not crazy!

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