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The Smart Jacket – Denim Jacket

Smart Ways To Style Your Denim Jackets

Denim is the holy grail of clothing because it is smart and comfortable yet stylish. It is a cool and relaxed style for the much laid back events like casual day out with friends, grocery shopping etc. Although this is not necessarily a date look but you can do so by adding a little style quotient to your basic look!

The first easy hack is the perfect color combination. Medium shade of aqua blue with beige, light shade of blue with black and dark shade with either black or brown. This is the basic combination guide for the jacket and bottom wear. Your look will be escalated if the bottom wear is a well fitted or regularly fitted chino or trouser pants.

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Sunglasses and a metal or leather watch is a must with this look because it is supposed to be effortlessly casual. Also the uniqueness is in the detailing rather than the jacket itself. Such pieces of style will help create a deep character and hype for your look.

Denim jackets go well with loafer if you have a shirt under it and sneakers if it’s a t-shirt. In both cases the focus again is on the detailing. The right decision has to be made by adding your personality to the separate pieces of fashion elements!

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Denim is warm and casual. It is sexy and undoubtedly very comfortable. The true denim jacket will never let you down and be able to handle all your rough handling.


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