6 Tips and Tools to Pamper Your Clothes

6 Tips & Tricks Every Guy Need To Follow | Pamper Your Clothes

Clothes are expensive. Even the budget clothes take something off your hard earned money. Apart from this buying what you like and what looks good on you that too at a price you can pay, is a task in it self. Therefore it is extremely important to take good care of the clothes you buy. Taking proper care of your apparel ensures that you can avail their benefits for a longer period. I know this sounds oddly like an insurance or mutual funds advert, but just hear me out.

Imagine you have bought a really cool designer pair of denims. Since they are designer, besides being in vogue, they are obviously super expensive. Now imagine, this total hole in your pocket but gorgeous looking pair of jeans does not even last you a month, maybe it rips somewhere or you get a stain on that like a stalker is too stubborn to leave you or it shrinks in the dryer. Sounds horrible! Doesn’t it? Believe you me it feels even worse.

If you do not wish a similar fate to befall your apparel then follow my advice and go back to dreaming about how fabulous you will look in your clothes and how all the girls will come running to you like in the axe deo commercials.

#1 Read the instructions carefully. Don’t worry, It’s the guy thing to do!

This is the simplest rule to follow. Please make sure that you read the instructions on the garment before buying it from the store and especially before putting it for a wash. Some clothes are ‘Dry Clean” only, some need to be washed in lukewarm water, some need to be washed in cold water, while some require hand wash and some can be machine washed. Dry cleaning and hand wash requires a lot of commitment, so first make sure that you are up for it. There are some garments which will shrink when put in a dryer. So make sure the first time you put your new clothes for a wash is not the last time you see them and all because you want to show that you are a know it all guy and do not require to read the instructions.

#2 Say Hello to Mesh Laundry Bags!

As the name suggests these are laundry bags that are very useful at the time of washing clothes in a washing machine. Apparels in delicate fabrics tend to get spoiled even when you put the machine on a delicate cycle. The purpose of these bags is to prevent this and keep your clothes absolutely safe. Buy these and you will never have to worry about rips or snags or tangled clothes.

#3 Stain Removers because despite what the advert says Daag ache nahi hote.

I do not care if you are Captain Careful, keep a stain remover handy. Even if you are careful 100 times in a row, you need to be clumsy just once to ruin a perfectly good outfit. A small stubborn speck is enough to turn your clothes anti social elements. So avoid such a scenario by keeping a bottle of stain remover handy.

#4 Clothes Line or Drying Rack: Solar power zindabaad!

Drying certain clothes in the dryer can shrink them. When the sun is out and the weather warm, make sure you opt for air drying your clothes. This is not so much of a problem in India, with it being sunny even in the monsoon and winter. If you belong elsewhere then air dry clothes whenever possible. If you have a terrace or a backyard or a dry balcony, then go for the clothesline. It is cheaper than the drying rack. However if like most of us, you have space issues and have neither a balcony, or terrace or backyard, fret not, buy a drying rack. A dry rack is very economic with respect to space. They are generally foldable or collapsible, so when not in use, they can decorate one of the corners of your house. Perfect for small spaces and also very convenient to use.

#5 Sweater Stone: After all it’s the way you make me feel!

Rub the stone over your sweater to pick up the lint – like extras. This will work like an elixir for your winter wear. Another good tip is to fold your sweaters when not in use instead of hanging them. Hanging may be more convenient for you but folding them preserves their shape.

#6 Shoe Horn and Shoe Tree: To put your best foot forward!

Shoe horns are used for easing the heel of the feet into the shoes without spoiling the shape of the shoes or damaging the contour or bruising your heel.  A shoe tree is shaped like a foot and is placed inside a shoe to preserve its shape. It also puts a stop to creases thus prolonging the life of your shoes. Apart from keeping the shape of the shoes intact, shoe trees also help in keeping away the moisture that damages leather and causes the shoe lining to rot.


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