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A Complete Guide to Lounge Suits and its Styling!

Find out the different Lounge Suit outfit ideas

Charcoal grey lounge suit,White shirt, White pocket square,Black shoes for men to try

Lounge suit is a vintage term that just went out of use. However you will still find this term on wedding invites, formal events and other occasion invites etc. Lounge basically refers to a casual look but keep in mind that this is a casual suit look so the suit aspects of it still remain.While this may not be a strict bow tie look it is very much a proper suit look. The only reason it is called lounge is because in the older days, formal suits were fancier with lets say a tail to the blazer or a frock look, in comparison to which, this was a casual style.

Here are the top looks for styling the Lounge Suits

Now one important factor here is that the trousers and jacket should match, in color as well as fabric. They go hand in hand like any other suit. You do have the option of both three piece as well as two piece suit. Both fall under the category of lounge suits

1. The White or Light Blue or Baby Pink shirt look

A three piece suit is very much in trend.Because this a formal look, a white or light blue or baby pink shirt will work. You need a formal shirt with stiff strong collar. No button down, patterned or colorful shirts will work for this. Your choice of footwear will be the classic, polished oxfords, brogues or derbies. Monk straps will work if the event is not too formal. You will have to make that decision by yourself. Also, you need proper pulled up formal ankle rise socks. A nice watch-belt-wallet combo in the same color is a must. Also, a tie and pocket square will add a good touch. You cannot avoid the tie. Classy brooch will also more style and personality to the look.

White shirt,Black Lounge suit,black tie for men

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2. The Dark shades of Black, Grey and Blue

The colors you must go for are the formal dark shades of black, grey and blue. Charcoal grey, Persian blue and classic black are examples of shades to go for. Do not opt for bright shades like cobalt blue or chocolate brown.It has to be a proper formal suit. This is a gentleman’s look and you must do justice to this style especially if t has been mentioned as the attire for any occasion.

Charcoal Grey Lounge Suit,Black shoes,black shirt

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So the Perfect Attire for this season would be:

1. Charcoal grey suit with white shirt and black accessories (including footwear, tie and pocket square) is a great look. You can also add black cuff links to complete the look.

2. Persian blue is yet another strong as well as unique shade for a lounge look. It is a royal style statement. White or light blue or even a baby pink shirt will work well for this style and maybe add a hint of color with dark brown accessories and add-ons.