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All You Need To know about the Men’s Perfume

Fragrances to opt for this season!

Venezia EDT men_s perfume

The added alluring element that every man must indulge in-Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum, cologne, perfume, body mist, deodorant… ever wondered what is the difference here and what you need to buy? Well, here is a wholesome guide for your knowledge. This will help you understand the difference so you can buy correctly because lets face it, fragrances can really cost a bomb! It is better to research before you invest so much.

First let’s put down a list of what we will cover under this vast topic – Perfume, EDP (Eau De Parfum), EDT (Eau De Toilette), Cologne and Eau Fraiche.

Now, the basics first. Any fragrance contains the essential oils where from the fragrance is derived. The same is the deciding factor for price, scent, longevity. Most commonly found fragrances contain alcohol, but you will find a non-alcoholic substitute as well. These two factors determine the quality of the fragrance. Higher range brands often will use better quality raw materials on account of which they last longer. However, it is important to invest in a good fragrance because a bad one or cheap one might even stain your clothes or damage them or just stink you up after few hours. Frederic Malle Perfume can be a great option to choose if you are into luxury perfumes and want the best one.

Let us discuss the different types of fragrances

1. Perfume

Perfume or Parfum is the word commonly used for any fragrance. However, perfume is specifically a certain type of fragrance. It contains the highest amount of oils on account of which it is the most long lasting in the list of fragrances. You can also distinguish the different notes in the fragrance. Perfumes are thus, obviously, the most expensive category of fragrance and also a must-have if you have an active life. The scent is usually mild and classy. Perfumes always smell subtle. If it is tough on your pocket, you may very well buy a smaller bottle with less quantity and save it only for special occasions. But you do need a perfume in your wardrobe!

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2. EDP

EDP comes next in line to a perfume. Most people feel that EDP is same as Parfum on account of the common word “Parfum”. However, the same is not true. Many brands also mix up the two. EDP contains slightly less amount of oil which basically means that it lasts maybe 2-3 hours less than a perfume would. It is a good alternative to a perfume if you wish to opt for something more cost-effective. Also, it is good for the season to use some extra fragrance around. Perfume will burn a hole in your pocket, so this is friendly alternative. The difference between the two is not severe so it is not a major step-down as such.

3. EDT

EDT is a term many of you must be aware of. You must have read this term as many men use different types of cologne. So EDT is not cologne but belongs in the same family. It has much less oil content as compared to parfum and less as compared to EDP as well. Thus, it doesn’t last as long but it is pocket friendly. You also have some wonderful fragrance options to choose from and if you need something cost-effective for everyday use, this is a great option.

4. Cologne

EDC (Eau de cologne) aka cologne, is the one most men are well aware of. This is the most basic fragrance used by men as it is budget friendly, light, easily available and just something that all men are habituated with. Cologne lasts probably 2-3 hours based on your day, climate etc. So, it does not last too long but is extremely pocket friendly. Men prefer cologne for everyday use as they do not mind reapplying every few hours to stay fresh. Unlike Parfum, you need bit more than just a few sprays.

5. Eau Fraiche

Literally translated means Fresh Water. This is basically mild, scented fragrance that barely lasts upto 2 hours. This is not a common option as it is not very long lasting. However it is better than a deodorant and if you do not mind re applying or only need to go out for a few hours, this is a good option. If you are out to just drop a friend at the airport, you will not need an expensive perfume that lasts 8-12 hours. Just a 2-hour lasting fragrance is good enough and that is where Eau Fraiche comes in. A shower after a nice swim, Eau Fraiche is good enough post the shower. So basically when you need just a temporary hit of freshness and mild fragrance, this is the perfect choice. It will help save some expensive perfume/cologne/EDP costs.

This season is all about subtle Earthy scents like wood and ocean. Because it is summer, earthy scents will keep you feeling fresh and cool.