Top 3 Best Pocket Squares for Men

Top 10 Best Pocket Squares for Men

Pocket squares are used for fashion purpose only. It is generally made from light weight cotton, silk or linen and it should be small enough to fold and fit properly in your jackets breast pocket without creating a lump. As the name suggests, pocket square should be a cut out of square piece of fabric. Typically pocket square range between 10×10 inches to 17x17inches.

3 must have pocket squares for every men

1. checkered pocket squares

Pocket square which have checks print on are known as checkered pocket square. It’s a very simple and decent look with goes well with any formal wear. A good checkered pocket square adds panache to a classic professional look.

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2. printed Pocket Squares

Printed pocket square covers a vast variety. The print on the pocket square comes in all shapes, sizes, color, pattern and texture. They are suitable for informal events.

3. Embroidered Pocket Squares

Embroidery means design and texture sewed or handcrafted on a piece of fabric. Pocket squares which have embroidery done on it are embroidered pocket square. It can be in anything form, each design differs from one another.


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