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Leather LookBook

LookBook For Men – Leather Edition

Leather LookBook-Leather has been and will always be the setting stone of men’s fashion. We all know how important leather is for the cool rugged look or the strong and handsome look! However leather is expensive and you can sure go wrong with this look too. Here is how you do justice to your leather.

  • Leather jacket is what you need first! It is the hottest trend in leather. It has been a huge part of men’s fashion from history and will always be. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER! You will never be the same again! You will be strong, confident and appealing!
  • However remember to pair it with your dark blue or light blue denim and white T-shirt. Its too cold? Try it over a flannel shirt. Your denims may be light or dark, distressed or basic, old or new. This look is very versatile!The thing to remember is, although a leather jacket with fancy and loud designs looks cool on your favorite Hollywood actors, its best to keep it simple. This is mainly because leather jackets are expensive and if you can afford just one at a time, better buy one that’s most versatile! Your primary colors for a leather jacket should be dark chocolate brown and black! It may have flaps and overlaps around the shoulders and arm holes or even some bling but keep it simple!

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  • Leather pants are important aspect in Leather LookBook Just don’t buy these. They have always looked weird. They are least versatile and least comfortable, especially for men! Buy another leather jacket instead! That’s money well spent!

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  • Your satchels, laptop bags and office bags look real good in leather. A strong sturdy leather-briefcase is just right for a formal meeting! Try something in dark brown for a more impressive look! And yea people do notice your bag much more than you realize!
  • Leather shoes. We have boots, loafers, oxfords, derby, brogues, sandals and even leather flip-flops. In this case always remember – leather footwear cannot go wrong! Just remember the difference between a casual look and a formal look! The only faux pas here is bright color and vibrant designs! For some reason men tend to go real crazy with their leather boots in particular. Just don’t do that. This isn’t the 1960s!

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  • Leather wallet and leather belt compliment your attire like nothing else ever will! A thicker stronger belt is for casual looks. A slim, plain and flexible belt with a strong but simple buckle and belt design is a formal look! As for your wallet, you need one in basic black and one in a shade of brown just for variation.

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The basic tip is that leather in brown is a much more casual look than black. Also that fine quality leather is expensive but long lasting. Keep your leather items away from water and store them well when not in use. It should always be clean and well maintained. It is a fine and flexible piece of fashion that adds style to any element. However you must do it right! Leather jacket or shoes should fit you like a puzzle piece. Don’t settle for an I’ll fit leather jacket or shoe ever! Don’t settle for a leather wallet with no coin section or less sections for cards. Utility and comfort are more important than the look! If fashion is not worth its value, it’s not worth at all!

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