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Geek Is The New Sexy | Keep Calm & Geek Out!

Geek Out

Whether you are inspired by the geeky look or want to sport it just for fun or it is just who you are and want to express yourself through fashion, these style tips will help you achieve it. They are pretty simple and require little to no effort. Let’s begin from top to bottom.

  • Hair: A little oily or greasy hair is what goes with this look. Your hair should be combed properly. The messed up hair does not work with the geeky look. Go for perfectly combed parted hair with each hair in place.

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  • Glasses: Solid black glasses add character to your look. If you don’t have a number you can opt for non-prescription glasses. Pick glasses which have a sturdy built.

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  • Casual look: Picking the right tee is what will make or break your look so be careful. Pick something with graphic designs on them like logos, comic book characters, cartoons, superheroes or catch phrases from sci-fi movies or your favourite heroes or villains. This is for a casual look. Team it up with denims or chinos. Pair it up with a pair of sneakers.

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  • Formal look: For a more formal geeky look opt for a solid long sleeves cardigan over a shirt preferably a white button down shirt. You can add a tie to this mixture and team it up with khakis or trousers. For a bit of funk you can wear a bright coloured bow tie instead of your regular tie.

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  • Accessories: This look has a lot of potential to accessorise. And no I am not talking about a cape or light sabres. I meant socks in vibrant colours with cartoon or graphic characters. Badges and cool belt buckles with a Bat logo or the S of Superman. Your sneakers can be painted with graphic designs. Jewellery too can be added to your look especially movie or fan fiction merchandise like wearing the ring like Frodo or a Mocking Jay pin like Katniss.

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Hope you have fun geeking out! Live long and prosper!


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