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5 Must Have Features In A Ski Jacket Man Need To Know!

Ski jacket is for all the adventure sports men out there who enjoy this dose of winter fun.

Ski jacket is for all the adventure sports men out there who enjoy this dose of winter fun rather than sitting around at home with hot chocolate! Thus you deserve the best for your protection and health. Snow can often be merciless because it is too cold and also during ski trips you may have to endure some falls.

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The ski jacket has to be light weight so that you can conveniently carry it around in your luggage. Usually people go to a ski place for skiing, rather supervised skiing and thus you surely need to ensure it fits in your bags.

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It should be very well insulated. The insulated can be easily checked by feeling the texture from the inside. Some of the really good ones provide additional fabric coating like fur around the open ends like neck and buttons, for better insulation. A neat trick here is to open up the jacket and pants for skiing and placing them close to the heater or a fireplace. It will absorb the heat. Make sure it is not too close and does not get too hot. This will keep you warm longer till your body gets acquainted to the cold snow.

Third feature is that the jacket should be strong. You may take several falls and your jacket absolutely cannot fall apart!

Fourth important feature is the color. Do not go for white ski attire because white can disappear in the snow. This makes it difficult to locate you in case of a mishap also it is not very picturesque if you camouflage into the snow!

Fifth and final feature is the color combination. You ski goggles and skip cap should be in combination to your jacket and also the jacket should be nice and lively. That is what is trending! Cobalt blue, lime, maroon because gone are the days of blacks and greys!

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