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2 Superhero Winter Jackets For Men – Winter Edition!

Insulation is a must to stay warm in the harsh winters. It holds in the heat and keeps you warm. Each one of you must have at least an insulated vest if not a down coat. The difference is that the down coat will provide much more insulation than the vest because it has more body coverage also it is longer in length as it is a coat and not a vest.

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The down coat is more so for protection from wind and snow than a style statement so the look will comprise the usual winter suspects like snow boots, denims, under shirt and maybe even body warmers or sweaters under the jacket. The best part if that the jacket will not get wet because of the snow and so you are good to go without much maintenance. You get multiple colors of the same and again it is best to steer clear of the white because you will just disappear into the snow. Olive green is the trending insulated down coat this season.

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However sometimes you do not need the heavy jackets and thick insulation. On your average windy days you can afford to be out the style element and up your fashion game with a fashionable Parka jacket. It is a much light weight jacket as compared to the rest and often has fur around its opening for additional insulation.

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This is a very sexy wind jacket for cold winter breeze and provides strong protection as well as basic insulation. It is light weight and great for travel because it will not occupy much space. The ideal style is over a shirt with denims and boots but you can find your own unique style comprising of sweater and maybe brogues. This jacket is not for the snow laden winters but rather just the cold winter breeze!

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