20 Cool and Cute Kids Shared Bedroom Ideas

Everyone wishes to have their own rooms and so do kids. While not everyone can afford to have two separate bedrooms for their kids they can try having a kids shared bedroom. With two or three separate beds and furniture in the same room you surely can save a lot. These types of bedroom also allow for sibling bonding and provide kids with enough space and privacy.

Designing a kids bedroom may be a tedious task but it surely is worth it. So before you get your kids a bedroom to call their own make sure you’ve done all that is needed.

Since, many siblings have a love-hate relationship it is important to provide them everything at par. Right from the color of the room, to the bed size and shape, cushions, study table, etc all needs to be equal. This will allow them to live in peace and harmony.

Here are 20 cool and cute kids shared bedroom ideas to take inspiration from…

  • This minimal wooden floor with two cute bunny lights and two equally shared beds is the perfect room for someone who wants something plain and subtle. The white color and wood combination will surely keep the environment calm and peaceful.
  • Shared bedroom is great for small spaces. Despite the fact that it may look all cramped, it can still be a good idea to opt for something like this. These small, cool and cozy beds will surely keep your kid safe in the cocoon.You can add colors to the room and divide it like shown here below. Add some lights or a chandelier for a modern look
  • The hot air balloon concept is quite popular these days. So create a room with this theme and we’re sure your children will love it. Also, these lights will add some funk to your room.
  • If you are looking for something basic yet cute then this aqua theme kids bedroom may be the perfect choice for you. These two equal beds with a cool study table in between is definitely a good way to make the most of your space.
  • Having two kids mean dividing most of the things in equal parts just like you can see here. You can create a shared bedroom similar to this one that has equal beds with equal storing sides. Give it a modern touch by playing around textures and colors.
  • If you wish to give your baby girls the best of all, then you must try this adorable pink, grey and gold bedroom idea. Also a mickey headboard like this will add to the cuteness of the room. So if you or your child is a mickey fan then go for it.
  • Try this star theme shared bedroom idea for your two stars. Also, check out these cute pink and blue beds with equal furniture to avoid all the sibling fights that may happen if one had something better than the other.
  • A modern and contemporary bedroom idea for someone who wants something subtle, clean and good. Beautify this room with a beautiful chandelier and watch how your room goes from basic to stylish.
  • For a simple, subtle and small bedroom this is the perfect bedroom idea. You can add some modern curtains and cushions for a new and trendy look.
  • This another cool hot air balloon wallpaper is surely worth a shot. And don’t forget to color coordinate your cushion and bed sheets for an amazing twin look.
Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper with soft cushion and cool twin beds for kids

Image Source

  • If your kids are a superhero fan, then give them this dope superhero theme bedroom because they’ll love it.
  • Kids and polka dots go hand in hand. So check out this cute polka dot theme shared bedroom idea and give it a shot.
  • This great brown, blue and grey combination is surely worth trying. Also check out how you can utilize and make the most with such smart storage spaces.
  • Check out this amazing sailor theme shared bedroom idea and take some inspiration now. Also don’t forget to try this yellow and grayish brown combination.
  • How about trying this cool astronaut theme bedroom for kids. We are sure your kids will love it. Also, have a look at the beautiful moon lamp.Thumbs up from us!
  • Try this cool blue bedroom idea for your boys. This moon, sky and all things nice concept will surely add some fun to your kids bedroom.
  • This creative and unique kids bedroom will surely be loved by one and all. The colors, textures and patterns all complement each other really well.
  • For a bedroom that is vibrant and full of life, these colors will surely help boost your child’s mental health. It will keep the room fresh and bright.
  • A modern kids shared bedroom with equal beds and stunning home decor pieces.
  • A neutral tone kids bedroom with less chaos and more space. The popular phrase “little is more” is surely goes well with this bedroom.

So these were some cool and cute shared bedroom ideas for kids that will be loved by them and all. Let us know what do you think about them and how are you planning to design your kid’s bedroom?

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