10 Ravishing Chandeliers To Brighten Up Your Space

Brighten and lighten up your living room and dining areas with the ravishing chandeliers. Got small space problems? Worry no more! You can now make your little space look bigger by focusing everyone’s attention on your beautiful chandeliers that are hanging on the ceiling. You can also place them in the dining area for a modern touch. Go grand, or vintage or elegant!

But wait..

Before you buy the perfect chandelier here are a few things to keep in mind-

  • Size / Height

Keep in mind that the size and height of your chandelier is nor too big nor too small. For dining tables, hung it  around 30 – 36 inches above the table. Make sure enough light is illuminated throughout the table. For living rooms, you can hang it at least 7 ft above the ground.

  • Layers

You can go for one layer or two or more. We’d suggest go for more!

  • Types of Chandeliers

There are a variety of options available when it comes to the types of chandeliers a few of which are – rectangular, round, raindrop, gold, globe, brass,cluster,etc!

Here are a few stunning chandeliers you can have a look at…

Large and Lavish Crystal Chandeliers For Big Living Room

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Elegant Chandeliers To Light Up Your Space

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