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Tips To Buy The Pair Of Frames According To Your Face Shape

How To Buy The Perfect Pair Of Frames?

1) For a square shaped face 

You can choose to either soften your angles or highlight as both will do you well. A wider around the cheekbone structure will help balance the angles if you wish to still pursue an angular look and given the angles, a soft frame would also suit you. This means that you can opt for slightly oval but horizontally, rectangular, circular would go well with your face.

2) For a round face

You need to sharpen your look. Rectangular frames are perfect for your look. They will dramatically alter the appearance. Guys with the really round faces should opt for nerdy frames instead of half or full rimmed. The rim will provide a more angular support.

3) For the oval face structure

You purpose will be to bring about a balance. In this case you cannot go for the basic geometric frames. The perfect pair for you will be the frames that have a rigid upper body of the rim and a softer lower body. These frames will bring out the best look in you and take away the limelight from your long face structure. Apart from these, you may carry off many frames but these will compliment your face structure the most!

4) For the heart or diamond or triangular structure

You are the lucky guys in the lot. Almost all frames suit your face right. Especially for diamond shaped faces, you can carry off almost any frame with ease. As for the heart shaped faces, you can opt for thicker rimmed glasses for the best look.

Face Shape Forehead Cheeks Chin Appearance Aim
Square Wide Wide Wide Angular To soften or highlight the angular look
Round Rounded Wide Rounded Soft To sharpen
Oval / Oblong Wide Average Width Wide Soft To sharpen
Heart / Diamond / Triangle Narrow Wide Narrow Angular To soften

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