5 Types Of Accessories That Men Need To Beware Of & Stop Wearing

Accessorizing: Knowing When To Stop!

Accessorizing does not mean flashy, loud or chunky rings, ties, cufflinks, tie pins, bracelets, belt buckles, watches, pocket squares, bags, socks, or studs. It should not be overdone. Overdoing it makes the person come up as desperate and leaves even the safest and classic looks appear gaudy and tacky. Thus accessorizing is like salt. If it is absent from the meal, even the best dishes taste bland and if it is in excess, you want to spit it out. But add the right amount and it enhances the flavors of the dish and makes for a gourmet experience.

Accessories add that additional oomph factor to any ensemble. A simple look when paired with an accessory can make one stand out. It also helps add a depth and character to your look and helps you make the look your own.

However, the general perception about accessorizing is only adding loud and eye catching pieces to your look. What people tend to forget is the power of subtly accessorizing.

Accoutrements and doodads are meant to add a punch and not punch someone in the face.

Listed below are the 5 types of accessories that men need to beware of, and stop wearing.

1. Man Jewelry

Jewelry is very subjective. It depends on the occasion and the environment. If you are at work and it is the kind of firm which is strict about dress codes then best stick to a good statement watch, classy ties, traditional tie pins, cuff links and a wedding band in case you are married. Wearing studs, neck pieces or chunky bracelets creates a wrong impression in the office space. Apart from wedding bands the only other rings that look good on men are either family heirlooms or fraternity rings. If your job is a little more relaxed than you can incorporate a bracelet, a solid cuff or a beaded bracelet. The important thing to remember is not to imitate any trend or person. Stick to accessorizing according to your personality. That will make you look cool and not desperate.


2. Socks with Sandals

Wearing socks with sandals is a major fashion faux pas. A strict no no! Avoid it like the plague!

3. Scarves

Scarves look cool when the weather is nippy but wearing it all day everyday even when it is warm makes you look stupid.


4. Belt Clips

Belt clips are used to clip stuff to your belt, like a cell phone. Not only does this leave you looking outdated and unfashionable, it also damages your belt and style. Keep your cell phone in the pockets of your trousers, jeans or jacket or carry a man bag around with you for keeping your stuff if you hate carrying things around in your pockets. But please avoid strapping stuff to your belt.

5. Too much Fragrance

Contrary to the commercials we see today, chicks don’t hunt down men who smell great, drop down from the sky, barge into apartments or lose their ability to think and function like a sane human being because of the hypnotizing smell of your deodorant, perfume or cologne. Yes, a man who smells good is attractive, very attractive indeed but, wearing too much fragrance either in the form of a deodorant, perfume or cologne comes off as desperate and gives the ladies a headache. Fragrance should be subtle. It should never be overpowering.

Remember you make an outfit your own by accessorizing! So keep it stylish!

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