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7 Must Have Casual Jackets in Every Man’s Wardrobe

What do you do you need for a casual date? Dinner with friends? Family vacation? How can you get the casual yet bonus look? Simple solution – Casual jackets. So these jackets are not the same as sweaters or blazers or even suit jackets. They are cool, printed and often in fun colors with really cool prints. There are over 20 types but let’s focus on top 7!

Let us know about the 7 casual jackets that will help you complete you wardrobe requirements.

This is one of your perfect Casual Jackets for all age groups that just adds more style to absolutely any look. This is clearly a very casual and laid back style which is great for vacation or casual outing with friends. You cannot pull this off at work though.

It is warm and there is not much hassle with regards to the styling aspect. What you should start with is a dark colored or even medium basic blue jacket that will go well with dark or light shade of blue denims. Shirts and t-shirts are both equally cool. You can go for your sneakers with this look. Make sure you do not opt for flip flops because this is not a beach or summer style. Make sure you carry your sunglasses, belt and a casual watch for an even edgier look.



Life is always better with a leather jacket. You will not believe how much the leather jacket affects the way people perceive you. It is the coolest piece of clothing on men but it is important to make sure it fits you perfectly. To check that it fits you right just check the shoulders of your Casual Jackets and make sure it coincides with your actual shoulder.

Tan and black are the two colors you can opt for. Don’t get into reds and purples. Brown is also a bit too cowboy unless you are going for that look. Remember to wear nice boots with the leather jacket and it must be worn over a plain t-shirt for best look! Sunglasses are a must for this look. It is incomplete without a pair of sunglasses.

We have the style mode on but let’s get even more practical, what if it’s snowing and really cold? Well, you need an insulated vest. Now most men hate it because let’s face it, it does look a bit ugly but when you put it on its not even half as bad. Apart from that you can jazz it up with the help of another jacket over it or adding a scarf will help too.

You can take your insulated vest in brighter shades as it is more versatile in a dark shade. Also, it always comes with several pockets which come in handy to shove gloves or just anything you want around. This is a practical buy and will take you a long way much more comfortably.

You may or may not have heard about this jacket but it is a big deal. This is the typical college guys jackets that comes in really cool color combinations that narrows down around the waist and becomes almost a belt. It comes along with a nice zip.

These jackets are very cool in colleges and schools. Pair them off with denims only.


Now this is a style for those men who live in the more chilly parts of the world. So if you live in a nice cold environment, this jacket is for you. It is a nice long and warm over coat and there are two styles of these. One is the formal look that is carried off over your suit and the other is more casual to be worn with your denim and shirt or t-shirt. The difference is that the formal one is in shades of grey, black or dark navy and has a more defined collar area as well as fit while casual one is in brighter colors and also need not be buttoned up, in fact, it does look much better with the buttons left open in a casual look. However, even for the casual look, don’t opt for sneakers. You need your boots or monk straps for an over coat worn casually.

6) Blouson

A blouson jacket is most commonly a UK style and I believe that is the reason why it is so high in fashion statement! It is a shorter jacket which is usually a bit insulated from inside and is very comfortable. When you say casual jacket, a blouson is what comes to mind as this is the most basic style in jackets.

You will find these Casual Jackets in almost all shades but it is important to remember to not go too crazy with this simply because this is a jacket which can be worn to work as well. It is a great substitute for the overcoat. Also, it can be carried off really well with denims. Again, like overcoats, even casually worn blouson requires the boots or monk straps.

Flight jackets are often referred to as bomber jackets also because they are a type of bomber jacket. This is basically kind of like leather jacket mixed with a blouson. So this is a leather blouson but with more utility pockets and often soft furry insulation especially around the neck region.

As the name suggests this jacket is perfect for travel especially to a colder region and keeps you warm. This look should ideally be worn with brogues or derbies as that is a cool and smart look but you may opt for boots as well. Also, you need denim jeans as its leather! Keep it simple and black for the most versatile look.


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