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3 Easy Outfit Ideas To Transform Your Casual Look Into A Style Statement

3 Casual Looks With A Twist!

Casual looks are usually under rated and ignored. This is because men tend to take this style for granted and also very lightly.  Yes truly office is a place where you must dress to impress but since most of your socializing is in casuals, it is also very important that even your casual looks have an added zing. Here are three casual looks that have been revolutionized for the added zing!

1) The sexy chino style

Chinos are so hot and have been so from the very first day that they started making rounds around the fashion block. They are the smarty pants of casual fashion. You cannot up your casual game beyond this and the only feather on the cap is your bow! As this is a casual style, your chinos will be paired with a smart shirt and a trendy bow tie that should be from the same shade pallet as your chinos. You need to look your personal best for the bow tie and so a watch, belt and maybe even some loafers or brogues will suit this style perfectly.

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2) The cool denim look

Casual is spelled “D-E-N-I-M”! The perfect addition to your denim and shirt look is the bow tie. You can definitely lift this up by several notches by just adding a suit jacket over. If you go for the suit jacket, you definitely need your brogues and if not, loafers will also get the job done.

However you may make this look more interesting by adding a denim twist. Instead of the denim pants, you can opt for a denim shirt. Keep your pants simple so you can go a bit crazy with the bow tie. Watch and belt are a must in either case! This look is sexy and charming in a much unexpected fashion statement. You will surely have the unique style statement and element of pleasant surprise.

3) The smart sweater look

Sweater is a winner with or without a bow tie. But what a bow tie will do is essentially add depth to your style statement. The only addition that will complete this look is a pair of glasses. You need the perfect frame as per your face cut and you are good to go! This is a smart and sexy style that is not only hassle free and easy to pull off but also keeps you warm.

Preferably opt for chinos with the sweater and avoid denims all together for this style. Also it will be a very cool look if your sweater resembles the shade of your chinos so you can go a bit crazy with the bow tie. But if your opt for different shades then make sure your bow tie matches your chinos! Always keep a shirt under the sweater obviously, to hook the bow tie!


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