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What to wear when meeting your partner’s parents for the first time?

Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time? I can image how nervous you must be! In fact I think I can hear your heart pacing in double time! You want them to like you and for everything to go on smoothly. One thing that really helps in such situations is making the right first impression. And how you dress goes a long way in setting a good precedence for the night. Your clothes will depend upon the setting and occasion, whether the first meeting is at home, or its at a restaurant or they have invited you to a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. You also need to be able to strike a balance between  dressing according to the setting and occasion and being true to your personal style. Let them know you and like you for you and not any mask or costume you put on

If it is a dinner with just the family, at home, then: Wear formal trousers, button down shirt, formal shoes and belt. Leave the topmost button open and go without a tie. You can even roll up the sleeves a little. But it has to be done in a neat manner.  If it is winter, you can add a sweater vest or cardigan. The idea is to keep it light, relaxed but a little formal.

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If the first meeting is at a restaurant then read up about the place beforehand, especially if it is a restaurant you have never been to. Depending on the scale of the restaurant go for the dinner jacket or suit look.

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If it is a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary then go for the blazer or Dinner jacket look.

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Never go empty handed. It is clichéd but it works every time. If it’s a special occasion, then carry a gift. If it is a dinner at home, then carry chocolates or fresh baked pies from a bakery or a bottle of wine.

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