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10 Hacks For Light And Efficient Travelling!

Travel is the reason why we have converted into this giant global civilized society and it brings together nations and their rich cultures. It brings peace to man and helps increase his horizon of perception. The most efficient traveller is light on his feet and also well equipped.

The following hacks will help you achieve the same :

1) Wear your dark blue denim on the go. Your journey may anyway be challenging and you may have to face different weather or regions. Denims are tough and also comfortable. Anyway you will need them on your trip but packing one in will not only occupy space but also make your bag heavy. Instead wear it on your travel. If it’s a long flight, carry an extra pair of tracks in your hand luggage. Dark blue is more preferable than black because most clothes go well with dark blue and also black is not desirable for hotter regions.

2) Carry more t-shirts than shirts. This is because shirts can easily get wrinkled and also they require more space. As for t-shirts you can just roll them up and place them in your suitcase. T-shirts are light and great for travels. It is great for all travel adventures.

3) You need only 2 pairs of shoes in your bag apart from the ones you have worn. Again even in this case you must wear the heavy sneakers or converse whatever you need and pack a pair of flip flops and a pair of shoes based on your travel itinerary. Pack your socks in rolls and place them inside your shoes itself.

4) For a basic travel you need 2-3 t-shirts of which one should be plain t-shirt that can be worn as an undershirt. 2 casual shirts that do not easily get wrinkled and can also be rolled up. You can use the shirts separately or over your t-shirts for alternating your looks. A blazer if it is a cold place and you can also use the blazer to alternate the look in combination with a suit jacket. One strong messenger bag for your tourist adventures through the day. 3 pairs of socks at least, one pair of rough and tough sneakers and one pair of flip flops. Finally you need your basic leather strap watch.

5) Make sure your bags or suitcases that carry your stuff is also as light as possible. In many cases the bags itself are very heavy and that increases the weight.

6) You need a nice and strong backpack. It has to be very light weight and also big enough to carry all your basic necessities. Along with that you need your camping essentials like torch, first-aid kit, charger, power bank, earphones etc. You must pack extra empty plastic bags, paper bags, tissues and other such essentials even at the cost of getting rid of some clothes.

7) Always carry extra undergarments!

8) Use your spare sunglass case for all your accessories and other small items that tend to get misplaced. Also make sure you have a basic list of all your items and that you cross check the same before leaving any hotel room for good.

9) Roll up even your handkerchiefs or napkins just like your t-shirt and place them around the corners of your bag such that they do not require any additional space. Also make sure you roll up some cash and keep that also around the corners in case you misplace your wallet and need some basic money.

10) Carry only one sweater or jacket and make sure it is not a very bright color. Because if it is bright then that is all that will reflect in your photos. Rather your t-shirts should be bright and at least one shirt should be printed. Carry casual ties and scarves or even beanies that will help you look different each day without really altering your clothes much. Also, pack a pair of shorts for the warm trips. In this case also, keep at least one plain pair of shorts over which you can wear bright shirts and t-shirts to alter your look.

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