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7 Tips For Men To Find The Right Overcoat! | The Overcoat Fitting Guide

The Overcoat Fitting Guide

Choosing the right overcoat can be a tricky task. Plus if you don’t get the fit right it doesn’t look right on top of your other clothes.. An overcoat is a classic piece of menswear. Like any piece of clothing, it should fit well and be in perfect sync with your body and height.

Overcoats can be worn over suits or with a casual attire, you can experiment and try different looks easily. And if you can get one that fits you well, then you can look taller and leaner too. Overcoats also give a nice build to your shoulders and your overall physique. Due to their immense popularity many different types of overcoats in different designs, cuts, fabrics and colors are easily available and that too, to meet each budget.

Here are some tips to ensure that the overcoat fits you perfectly:

  • You need to be able to button it up, all the way

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  • When trying it on before you purchase make sure you are wearing an outfit that you would most likely be pairing it with, like a suit, to make sure it aligns well
  • Remember, it’s the outermost layer, so the length has to be appropriate. I would recommend something below your waist but definitely up till your knees
  • The shoulders and arms should match your frame and also allow free movement, it should not be restrictive

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  • The waist can be adjusted according to your apparel choice below your overcoat as most overcoats can be fastened at the waist with a belt

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  • Now for the fabric. Wool or a blend of wool and cashmere is most suitable. Tweed and Herringbone fabric work well too, but they go better with casual rather than formal
  • Follow these simple tips for getting the fit right!


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