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Everything You Should Know About Styling Yourself For A Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party Attire Style Guide For Men – Outfit Ideas, Tips, Guide, Images, Footwear, Etc

Everything You Should Know About Styling Yourself For A Cocktail Party
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Well it seems you have wasted hours to figure out the right blog that will help you with a complete Cocktail Party guide. Let me bring you to ease, this is the perfect blog you have landed on, here I have mentioned everything you should know before styling yourself for a cocktail party. If you are invited for it and it’s your first time don’t panic by the end of this blog you will be confident enough about your outfit and look.

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Which Cocktail Attire Men Should Wear?

Well, this is the obvious question that will come in your mind when you get invited for it the very first time, so here I am to solve all the questions related to Cocktail Party. Basically it is an event held mainly during the early evening where you are offered variety of fancy drinks. It is a great medium to socialize or increase business contacts. No it’s not a casual drinks party and thus you have to maintain some etiquette also have to dress modestly. Casuals are a big no make sure you wear formals or semi-formal.

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What Is Cocktail Attire for Men?

It is very important to figure out what type of attire you can carry while going for a cocktail party. As I mentioned above no casuals, cocktail attire includes formal as well as semi-formal outfits. It should not be very formal and too casual try to manage something in between for perfect cocktail party look. Make sure the outfit is a good blend of formal and modern fashion. Though it is a formal event you can experiment with your outfit and try out for some fancy ones. Make sure you keep the look elegant and classy avoid overdoing it.

What To Wear At Cocktail Party?

1. Cocktail Attire Suits:

Suits is one of the most preferred outfits for cocktail parties because of its versatility to give sophisticated and edgy look. Make sure your suit is well tailored and you have the best fit to maintain the look. Try to go for some classy colours like grey, black, burgundy or charcoal as they look stunning. Suits give a bit more formal look so try to accessorise it well to gain perfect look.

2. Cocktail Blazers:

To keep it simple yet elegant blazers is the best option you can go for. Once you know what the dress code is for the cocktail part you can choose your outfit but trust me blazers will work as your lifesaver. Go out for colours like olive green, light grey and Khaki to keep it lively. You can opt for textured ones as well.

3. Cocktail Tuxedos:

Tuxedos are very formal and that’s the reason you should go for it if you are attending a business cocktail party. This will help you maintain great personality and also make you look stunning. It is also great for wedding cocktail parties. Colours like royal blue, burgundy or white will flatter your style.

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4. Cocktail Waistcoats:

If you don’t want to show up for a cocktail party in formal shirt and trouser just style a Waistcoat over it and you are ready! Waistcoats will help you in getting the desired look to leave a good impression while socializing.

5. Cocktail Shirts:

To keep it your look very simple yet classy formal cocktail shirt is the one you need. Try to go for solid colours like black, blue, grey or white. Make sure the shirt you wear under your suits, blazers and waistcoat goes well with them.

6. Cocktail Accessories:

Let me tell you that your outfit is incomplete without right accessories for cocktail party. Here is a list of accessories you need to wisely go for. Make sure each one of it compliments your look.
a. Tie
b. Lapel Pin
c. Pocket Square
d. Cufflinks
e. Belt

7. Cocktail Footwear:

Footwear is what you can’t give least importance to. Wearing wrong footwear can break your look. Don’t go for sandals or flip flops as its very casual and doesn’t go well with formal attire. Try to opt for:
a. Oxfords
b. Brogues
c. Loafers
d. Derbies
e. Monk Trap Shoes

Styling Tips For Cocktail Party

1. Always try to dress according to the dress code for the party to avoid being the odd.
2. Don’t dress very uniquely and try to maintain your style.
3. If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing don’t opt for it, make sure you can be free while enjoying the party.
4. Try to go for fresh fashion and styles as being fashionably late can make you look a bit out-dated.
5. Make sure you are confident with your look.
6. Don’t go for wearing devices (like apple watch) with your cocktail attire as this may break your look.
7. Try to avoid too much accessories like dog tag, rings and as it may look ridiculous with your formal outfit.
8. Sandals is a big no never end up wearing them for a cocktail party this may generate bad impression.
9. Don’t wear tuxedos unless it a must needed outfit for the party. If it involves making business contacts you may go for it but if totally necessary.
10. Don’t try to overlay your outfit as it may look like a complete fashion disaster.

Hope This Article Gave You Complete Information On Cocktail Party You Were Looking Out For. If You Found It Helpful, Do Share!

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