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2 Simple & Chic Hair Accessories For Men Overcome A Bad Hair Day

Its not just the girls who have bad hair days. Guys have bad hair days too. And don’t you deny it! I know a lot of guys who are as concerned about their hair as the stereotypical girl. So what do you do when your hair wants to act out and be rebellious? What do you do when your hair starts a dharna and goes on a non cooperation movement?

Check Out These 2 Hair Accessories –

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Simple! You make use of some hair accessories to make sure your hair looks great eve on your bad hair day. Now I am not talking about sprays or other chemical ridden products. What  am suggesting id 100% natural.

  1. Use a bandana. Bandhana’s are cool. They work well in the summers. They will protect your hair while travelling and will act as a cool cover to hide your bad hair day situation. A great accessory for all your covert affairs.

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2. For when winter beckons, and a bad hair day calls on your door, use a beanie. It will hide the mess and also protect you from the chills.

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