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7 Steps To Fix Your Ripped Jeans | Men’s Jeans Guide

How to fix your ripped jeans?

Yesterday disaster befell me when I took my favorite pair of denims out of the dryer and discovered a major rip. You can imagine my horror. My loyal readers know about my deep connection and love for denims. And this was an ordinary pair. It had been by my side through exams and crushes and breakups and friendship milestones. It was an old pair but old jeans are so comfy and cozy. They fit you like a second skin, somehow matching each contour with their age and experience.

Now I know it is fashionable to sport ripped jeans and I could easily flaunt it like that but I need this pair in one piece. And if you are in a similar situation or are averse to embracing the ripped jeans trend or have a rip in a section where you don’t want a rip then read my tips to fix them and make them whole again.

Now I am no tailor or expert so these are tips that anybody can follow and are a little amateur. If your rip is too bad then consult an expert tailor for a denim rejuvenation surgery.

What you need?

Matching Thread, Fabric Scissors, Ironing board, Iron, A sewing machine, a friend that knows how to sew if you can’t, A piece from some spare denim that is close in color, and Iron-on patches.

Step 1

Begin by cleaning up the ripped area first. Cut off the fraying threads by trimming along the edges of the rip

Step 2

Turn your jeans inside out and spread them on the ironing board.

Step 3

Take the piece from some spare denim that is close in color and cover the ripped area.

Step 4

Use the iron on fusible patches and line the area surrounding the rip.

Step 5

Take your spare denim piece and place it on the rip. Now, take your iron, turn off the steam, and begin to iron over the piece, apply even pressure. Hold for a few seconds.

Step 6

After the area has cooled down get your sewing machine ready and stitch around the rip in a zigzag pattern. Repeat this several times to make sure it is strong.

Step 7

After you finish your stitching, Iron it one more time.

And voila! You are done!



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