All About That Cologne!

Your cologne choice is personal and subjective. You will be most comfortable with the scent you love. Good cologne is characterized by how long it actually lasts. Even through your day at work, if your cologne lasts all day, you need to hold onto it.

The actual fragrance or the scent of your cologne is personal choice however I can surely tell you what you need to specifically avoid. If cologne smells sour or too strong, you will probably give the people around you a mild headache. Musk is a safe fragrance for men as it is mild but strong enough and the scent is also bold. We need men to have more bold fragrances as most women fragrances are floral and sweet so that repels us in men.

How to apply your scent? There is something called as pulse points. These points are located where your blood flow is strong that makes these points warm. Basically your skin is warmer around these points. The warmth of your skin will ensure that the scent last longer and stronger. Neck and wrists are pulse points. Apart from this even the part behind your knees i.e. the joint between your calves and thighs is also a pulse point. Apply a few sprays in these points and the scent will last much stronger as well as flow across the room you are in.

Men often stick to one scent and then that’s it. Well if you wish to make life a bit more interesting rotate you cologne. The scientific reason behind this is that nose gets used to a scent and to an extent that it can ignore the scent entirely if exposed to it for longer hours. So the people around you may stop noticing your scent in sometime. Rotation keeps the game fresh and active. Also, you can identify which scent people prefer so this trick is a neat one if you are trying a new scent depending on how much attention you grab.

In a certain study it was identified that good smell or body odour is in top 3 in the list of things that attract women towards the opposite sex. Women have a stronger nose and also identify a scent better than what men do. Your scent game should be on top. Most men do not participate in this and that’s where you gain the edge.

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Online shopping is on the rage and is also a cheaper and more convenient option for men, especially if you prefer brands as malls and stores are much more expensive. However, it is difficult to understand the scent of the cologne despite how descriptive the product description is. There is an easy way out. You all will have at least 1 or two basic colognes that you love. These can be bought online blindly. Apart from this there are some popular scents which you may give a shot. Nautica, Davidoff – Coolwater, Dolce & Gabbana – The one are some of the classic scents that you cannot go wrong with in different price ranges. The best method is to visit a store once, identify the scent you love and then go for it. Cologne is not about experimenting and going crazy. You should have a set of basic fragrances that you may switch up if you like but your scent must be classy and elegant.

This is the most attractive accessory a man can own. Do this one right and be rest assured you will get compliments! Also, it is the most common conversation starter ever. The best thing about cologne is that the same scent will impress your boss, colleagues as well as your love interest! You don’t need to switch up for formal and casual often. Go with your gut!


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