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Understand Your Feet Before Buying Sports Shoes

Sports shoes comprises of running shoes, gym shoes and basically athletic shoes. Shoes that you work out in, that you need to support you with some “tough love”! Do you believe that an expensive shoe is necessarily a good shoe? Or that a shoe good for your friend is good for you too? Or that your back pain or leg cramps are not because of your shoes? Well I am here to break all these superstitions and explain in detail the science behind shoe decisions!


First thing that you need to learn about shoes is that they affect and have the capacity to damage your body muscles, specially leg and back. These are the main pressure points when you walk or run and thus the signs of damage appear here first! People must have told you that you need shoes that are stiff or shoes that can be easily rolled up. Make that decision yourself. And this is how:

  • Supination

This is a condition where in, once you leave your neutral position while walking or running, when you place your foot down again, it shifts outward or is rolled outward meaning your weaight shifts outward. This is known as Supination. This term is common for people with curved or arched feet. The arch pushes the weight outward. You do not need a stiff shoe. You need a basic cushion shoe. Something neutral and lightweight. Not too flimsy and not arched.

  • Pronation

Pronation is a condition where, after lifting feet from a neutral position, you land it by rolling the foot inward or shifting the weight inwardly. This is common for people with flat feet. This is because there is little or no arch and thus the feet sink inward. And this is also where all the major back pains and knee damages originate! Well you need a rigid shoe! Something that will restrict the movement of your feet and prevent the inward rolling!

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So as you have learnt now, check your walk and your feet. An expensive shoe may last long but eventually damage your knees and back. Your shoe decisions should depend on your sole and not the price tag. Comment below whether you are team Supination or team Pronation! I’m team Pronation! And tag your friends to spread awareness! Choose your Shoes for flat feet wisely.


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