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3 Ways Men Should Style Their Canvas

When it comes to styling, it is important to style yourself right or risk completely ruining your look! Although it is nearly impossible to be unable to rock a pair of canvas! But let me help you anyway to enhance your look.

1. Shorts – Shoes blend in really well with your shorts. However, if you want a quick style tip, wear a bit more fancy canvas with shorts. This is because your shorts end at your knees and thus below your knees the only fashion statement you will have. Throw some light at them, try more fancy ones. Even if not customizes, play with colors. Try attractive colors or even a canvas matching your shorts. Works well either way! Laced would be best suited with shorts.

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2. Chinos – Chinos are really hot in fashion from the time they have hit the markets! Even though you can pair pretty much any footwear with your chinos, These shoes add a more casual/semi-formal look to your attire. A quick tip is to fold your chinos or cuff them perfectly to reach your ankles. This way the attention will be directed to your canvas and will add a more suave look! Both slip-ons and laces would suit your chinos.

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3. Denims – These shoes are the “Go-To” option for denims. Nothing brings out the color of your blue denims like chinos. I would recommend to dye them in shades of blue to enhance your look. With it laced right unto your ankles, slip-ons, desert canvas and pretty much anything would go with denims. if you put on ankle laced canvas, make sure you tuck your denims in your shoes for a better look!

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Apart from these feel free to experiment with varieties like buckled, oxford etc. You cannot really go wrong with them! Try them on the beach, at work, for parties or just anywhere!


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