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3 Tips To Keep In Mind While Wearing A Hat – Hat Styling Guide!

How To Ace At Wearing A Hat?

If you’re a Bollywood buff, you already know How long Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan took to wear the hat with all the perfection for his movie Dhoom 3. Good if you it, but you’d feel much better when we say it won’t take as long as him to perfect the art of wearing a hat with us, right here in this blog! He can be taken as an example of How To Ace At Wearing A Hat.

Let’s divide this whole thing from all the top points to the following ones..

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1. Know your hats

Knowledge! Knowledge is the first thing you need to get in your mind. Know your hats. Know all the various types of hats. This isn’t just in your mind to rust, knowledge never should rust. Once you have a little or more idea of hats, you’d be able to know which particular hat you need for your outfit and ergo, it will help you to shop for ones you want and need.

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2. Colors

As we keep repeating, wear any color you want but make sure you team it up well. EXPLORE!

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3. Wear

Now that you’ve shopped for the right ones, it’s time wearing them with perfection. Learn the art of tilting your hat. Place your hat on your head comfortably.


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