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5 Tips To Wear Sandals The Proper Way!

Sandals – A Pleasantary

Sandals – A Pleasantary for men

Sandals are hands down the most comfortable pair of footwear for men. They are quick, easy and convenient. They are the best footwear to beat the heat and in style!

Here are some definite tips that you need for the perfect sandal:

  • Try a darker shade of brown for your sandals. They are much more versatile and give a refined look
  • Your sandal should be real good quality leather!
  • Clean them well with a leather polish and always keep them spic and span
  • Make sure your feet are clean, please. Nails should be short and clean
  • Pair them up with shorts (rolled), chinos, denims, denim shorts and the best look for sandals is with Sandoz and Casual shirt. I think you can never go wrong with this look.

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Now for some fashion don’ts!

  • Most important rule to keep in mind is, DO NOT WEAR SOCKS! Please just don’t. It’s just a fashion disaster!
  • No Velcro. This is a very vital tip because new sandals have come out in the market with Velcro. Why would you need Velcro guys? It’s already convenient to wear sandals – just slip your foot in them. That’s a no-brainer. You do not need Velcro!
  • Do not wear them to work. Even if it is a casual work environment. You can wear them for Indian weddings, beach party or casual lunch with friends or a date.
  • Remember this; Sandal take ages to dry, so try to keep them as far away from water as you can. When you go to the beach, remove them before you enter the water.
  • Sandals are for a casual look. Do not wear them for adventure sports and activities, please!

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