3 Types Of Formal Shoes Every Man Must Have In Their Wardrobe

It is said that the journey of a 1000 miles begins with a pair of fabulous shoes. Shoes rule the way you walk, the way you move and thus the way you function. It is the easiest way to ascertain a person. Shoes influence your gait and body language and have a huge impact on your personality. It is therefore necessary you pick the perfect pair of shoes, especially formal shoes.

A perfect pair of men’s formal shoes is the one which has been successful in striking the right balance between comfort and style. Remember good shoes take you places. Cinderella never did ask for a prince. All she wanted was a killer dress and a pair of kick ass shoes. Shoes which changed her life.

When it comes to formal shoes for men you need to keep in mind that you will be in these babies all through the day. So they have to be comfortable. They need to look suave to keep your confidence levels up.

The 3 types of Men’s Formal Shoes are – 

1. Oxfords:

Oxfords are simple, uncomplicated and extremely stylish. Oxford shoes are known for their closed lacing. In an Oxford shoe the eyelet tabs are stitched under the vamp of the shoe. They are therefore not visible. They are perfect for Men who are still beginners in the game of style. Even an amateur can’t mess up with Oxfords. Oxfords look smart and are a must have especially as a form of lace up shoes.

metro oxford shoes for men

2. Monk Straps:

Monk Straps are a cross between an oxford shoe and a loafer. Like a Loafer it a slip on but it is designed with a vamp like a closed shoe. It has buckles instead of laces. They are a balance between casual and dress shoes. If you are a creative person then you should go for monk-straps. There are many options in both single strapped Monks and Double strapped Monks. There are ample of choices even when it comes to the strap details with the buckles being designed using different silver, brass or gold clasps.

monk strap shoes for men by metro shoes

3. Dress Shoes:

Perfect for a formal Black Tie, a party or a red carpet event. Classy, elegant and bold. You can take your pick from Oxfords, Derbies, Monk Straps, Chelsea Boots, Chukka or Brogues. You can go for black, brown, white, oxblood, and so on. You can even customize to square toe, round toe, wingtip, lace, straps or buckles. There is a pair of dress shoes out there that meet all your expectations and whims. Dress Shoes are a perfect way to accentuate your look for the evening

mens formal shoes by metro shoes

If you do not have these three types of men’s shoes in your collection then its time to scour the earth for your very own pair of Formal shoes.


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