3 Best Glasses Specs To Have The Classy Look

best glasses specs for men

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Originally glasses were worn by people to correct their eyesight. But now-a-days they aren’t just used for vision correction; they have entered in the list of fashion accessory. Glasses come in lots of different shapes and sizes. You can wear them with your favorite outfit. You must select glasses which compliments your personality. It’s a perfect accessory for your business look even if you do not have bad eyesight. It gives you a geek as well as sporty look. They are available in different frames like full rim, semi-rimless, rimless.

trendy glasses specs for men

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3 Glasses/Specs every men should have

1. rimless glasses/specs

Rimless glasses are those glasses which are no frame. They are a unique style of eyewear, that’s why they can never completely go out of fashion. Rimless frames were popular in the end of 19th century till 1960’s. They came back in style during 20th century or early 21st century.

2. semi rimless glasses/specs

Semi-rimless or half rimless glasses have the frame only on the top portion of the glasses. This style of specs will look good on people with wide face as the frame on the upper half of the glasses will take away the attention from your jawline.

3. clubmaster glasses/specs

Clubmaster glasses or browline glasses have a bold upper portion of the frame. It same in the lenses in the same way eyes are framed by eyebrows and this is how they got their name. The most common material used to make clubmaster is plastic.


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