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Styling Tips For The Coolest Cold Weather Boots

Fashion is considered as just style. No, fashion is inspired from human needs (in a stylish way)! We all agree that boots look great on men and women. But the purpose of boots is not just style and fashion, but to protect your feet from extreme weather conditions.

In extreme heat you switch to shorts, in cold climate you wear a sweater. But your feet remain ignored and unprotected. Men just wear socks and get it done with. No! Don’t do that. Socks don’t go with all your footwear and attires. Also they are not enough protection. Instead try on some good quality boots!

Cold weather boots are not exactly a different design or category of boots. Cold weather boots simply means that there is an extra protective layer within your boots to keep you warm and insulated at all times. This extra layer is either fur or a synthetic. However, leather also helps to keep your feet warm.

The important tips to remember while buying cold weather boots are:

  • Make sure they are real good quality. Bad quality fur or synthetic will not protect you and the purpose will be lost
  • Make sure you keep them really clean because the fur or fabric may get dirty and cause infections. Use basic fabric cleaner and a soft sponge after which dry them well before use.
  • If it is a very cold day just use a hair drier to warm up the fur. This is not even a fashion tip. This is just for a warm fuzzy feeling!
  • Cold weather boots come in a slight heel. So it’s a boon for short guys!
  • They boost confidence in you.

Comment below with your favorite type of cold weather boots! And let me know if you agree with what I said!


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